Author:    James Rhys      

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Author: James Rhys 

James writes Fiction novels with a mix and spin of current events.  There is never a dull moment with his books, from start to finish.

James Rhys was born in 1947, in Portland Oregon, and raised in Southern Oregon. James is one of five in his family and he is a twin. He says he is the 'good' twin. As a young boy he grew up near the Rogue river where he spent much of his time.

He attended Southern Oregon University for two years before enlisting in the Army in 1968. After three years, he returned to S.O.U and finished his formal education earning a  Masters in Criminology 1974.

He spent 12 years as a Police Detective in Southern Oregon until an injury on the beat forced him to leave the department. He worked in the oil fields for a few years in Alaska before starting his security business in Spokane WA. After 18 years operating Argus Security Inc., employing over 2000 security people, and operating in eight states, he sold the company.

James, an avid fisherman and bow hunter, purchased the Santa Anita Lodge, located on the beautiful Rogue River in Southwest Oregon, in 2003. The original lodge owned by the Santa Anita Race Track, which was visited by the stars of the era including Clark Gable.  Sadly on New Years 2005 during a savage winter storm, the lodge burned to the ground.
James spent the next two years involved in a labor of love, rebuilding the lodge.

Always a tinkerer and golfer, James invented many innovative golf products, including the world famous and patented golf products including Turbo Tee,

In the summer of 2013, stricken with a crippling hip injury that eventually required a hip replacement, James began writing novels.

He says the two highlights of his life is marrying his wife and running, at the time, the largest security company in the west.

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know James.